[ Loubard ]

Coming from the French word “loup” (wolf) with the suffix –ard.
The suffix –ard could come from
the abbreviation of the French expression “loulou de barriere”.
“Barriere” meaning the barriers of Paris opening
on what was once called “la zone”: the dirty suburb of Paris.
In other words, a loubard is a wolf from “la zone”!


[ Les Loubards ]

Fully integrated within the pack, Les Loubards live in groups, getting their strength and differences
from the band.  Neither Leaders nor followers, Les Loubards are claimants and free thinkers.
They assume and shout out their difference.
Do not do like others. Get a tattoo. Catch a beautiful brunette.
Squat a shutdown warehouse.
Trust your guts, start the engines, get ready for adventures and wear your logo on the right!

LES LOUBARDS  is a “French touch” unisex t-shirt brand for men and women breaking up the rules.“and then, an embroidered logo, worn on the right”

The embroidery made in France through which Les Loubards show the importance of their roots.
Different too, Les Loubards display their logo where you do not expect it.
With a logo on the right, Les Loubards reinvent themselves and break the rules, moving away from a
brainwashed generation and a bad reputation attached to their name. 

Les Loubards 2.0 new generation, break their chains, give rhythm and set the tone.
Les Loubards belong to the group, the pack! They show their difference by wearing the logo on the right.
They have a soft heart (Les Tendres Loubards), are strong like rocks (Les Vilains Loubards) and eager for
freedom (Les Sexy Loubards). A brilliant synergy that gives them energy.